The Now Find Story:
After routine doctor visits Jessica and Justin discovered that their health was being compromised by some of the foods that they were eating, along with some of the cosmetics, and household products they were using.

With multiple diagnoses between them they knew that lifestyle changes were necessary. Together, they invested time and energy into learning how to navigate the changes necessary to become healthier. They spent significant time in the grocery stores deciphering labels and researching ingredients. After a particularly long and frustrating label session at the store, they were convinced that if people wanted or needed to make changes in their lives it should not be so difficult, and the idea of Now Find was born.

Between Jessica’s passion as a chef and photographer and Justin’s expertise in the software and marketing world, they realized it was their mission to help others. Together, they had the skills necessary to create a company to help people in their journey.

With a devoted staff of eleven employees, they have created four mobile apps and corresponding companion websites.

Introducing Now Find, a family of apps and helpful web sites focused on “Foods for a Healthier You.” Our company mission is to not only help you find products that fit your specific needs, but also the grocery stores that carry the products you are interested in.

Now Find Gluten Free was the first app in the Now Find family. We then introduced Now Find Organic & NON-GMO, Now Find Dairy Free, and Now Find Vegetarian. Each of these apps are built to house accurate information on tens of thousands of products available at your local grocery stores that fit these different lifestyles.

Our entire family, as well as our employees have benefited substantially through incremental lifestyle changes.

As a family we believe in and practice an organic, sustainable life by making positive lifestyle choices.

For more information on the apps, please go to or click on the site links above to explore our information rich web sites.