Organic & NON-GMO

The Now Find Team designed and built the Now Find Organic & NON-GMO mobile app to be an easy to use valuable guide for your healthy lifestyle. In 2014, we decided to create an app based on our own experiences of spending hours going to the grocery store searching for the foods we could eat. Since the Matriarch of the family, Jessica, was diagnosed with food related issues, we were having to read every label and ingredient to find the foods that we could eat. Around the same time, we also realized that we had fallen into a food rut, eating the same things week in and week out because we knew they were safe. But, since variety is the spice of life, we decided to turn up the heat! Finding new things we could eat became our way of having fun in the kitchen and bringing the family together. We wanted to share our knowledge and experiences in a way that could help as many people as possible. So now, via Now Find Organic & NON-GMO, you too can expand your horizons and have fun in the kitchen! We make it easy to be able research new foods, find yummy recipes, keep track of your lists, and much more from anywhere! (Even your couch). With newly hand vetted products being added every week, we do all the hard work while you get to shop confidently.

Features of Now Find Organic & NON-GMO include:

    • Available on both IOS and Android mobile devices
    • Hand Vetted Products
      • Our highly trained data team ensures the cleanest and most accurate product database available, while adding new products every day.
    • Easily Find New (or Tried and True) Products
      • By Name
      • By Brand
      • By Category
        • Organized like the shelves of your grocery store for easy browsing
    • Full Product Information
  • All Ingredients
  • Product Photo
  • Product Locator URLs (where available)
  • Packaging types and size
  • UPC
    • 23 Different Dietary Filters
      • Customize the product list to your specific needs.
    • Like List
      • List of products that you like and have given a “Thumbs Up”
    • Dislike List
      • List of products you have given a “Thumbs Down”
    • Grocery list
      • Help you track what you are looking to buy at the store

We hope you like the Apps as much as we do, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us at

-The Now Find Team